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Description :
Justice Chowdhary (Mithun Chakroborthy) is a feared Don serving the poor by eliminating the wicked in the socirty. He acts as a social worker for poor people delivers them justice. One of his informers Manohar Deshmukh is killed by the police under false encounter and his sister, Sarita goes to Chowdhary for justice. Justice Chowdhary helps her and gives her a job. Meanwhile, a notorious crime lord, Ajgar Thakral finds his crime activities curbed by Justice Chowdhary. Soon a deadly war escalates between Ajgar Thakral and Justice Chowdhary and only one can rise to supremacy. But Justice Chowdhary is haunted by his past in which a criminal named Dogra murders his wife, father and sister. Aching for revenge and annihilating new born criminals, how far will Justice Chowdhary go to restore peace?

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