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Jyoti - 1981 Directed By : Pramod Chakravorthy Starring : Ashok Kumar, Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Vijayendra Ghatge, Shashikala, Padma Khanna, Deven Verma, Dhumal, C. S. Dubey, Meena T., Viju Khote, Aruna Irani, Om Shivpuri, Ajit. Music Director : Ravindra Jain
Synopsis : Niranjan Pratap Singh (Vijayendra Ghatge) is the stepson of Zamindar (Ashok Kumar) and real son of Ranimaa Sunanda (Shashikala). He is also the sole heir to the property of the Zamindar, as his elder stepbrother, Govind (Jeetendra) is drug-induced to the point of senility. When Gauri opposes Niranjan's ruthlessness against fellow-villagers, the Zaminder, angered by her intrusion, complains to her dad, Vedji (Om Shivpuri). The Zaminder's anger is subdued when he actually speaks to Gauri, and ends up admiring her and asking her hand in marriage for his son, Niranjan. But Sunanda will not hear of her son marrying a poor villager's daughter, and she convinces him that Gauri should get married to Govind. Although her father is opposed to his daughter marrying a senile man, Gauri accepts Govind, and marries him. She finds out that she and Govind have no status in the household, which is run on the whims and fancies of Sunanda, her maid, Chintamani (Padma Khanna), and Niranjan. Niranjan is misguided by a dancer, Mallika (Aruna Irani) and Amirchand (Ajit) who are after his wealth. Gauri must now decide to have her own life or be chained to a senile half-child half-man. When this movie was launched way back in 1979, it was named 'Swayamsiddha' and 'Rakesh Roshan' was signed to play the role of Niranjan Pratap Singh which eventually went to Vijayendra Ghatge. The hit unsung Lata's mujra number .... Thoda reshma lagtaa hai....' created a sensation 21 years later (in 2002) when taken in 'Toto' by a Western singer, and later becoming a rage also in India too in its remixed version! Good family movie and 'Hema Malini' said in one of her interviews that Jyoti is one of her favourite movies.

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