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Super Hit action hindi movie Kaala Sona (1975)
Synopsis: KALA SONA is a revenge drama that turns into a rescue mission for our hero and all those who are associated with him.

Rakesh a multimillionaire, handsome bachelor was living his luxurious life to its fullest till facts about his fathers death came to light. He gets a great shock when he learns that his father s death was not natural, that he was killed by a dacoit by the name of Paupi Singh. Overcome with the feelings of vengeance, he decides to avenge his father's death by eliminating the killer.

Thus in search of Paupi Singh he reaches the hill region where Paupi Singh has established his empire. Rakesh comes to know that people from the hill villages disappeared every time they ventured out of the village limits. After an altercation with a local lad, Shera, Rakesh becomes his best friend and confidant. Together the two discover that Paupising has established his empire through the terror and accumulated wealth through the farming and selling of drugs acquired from poppy, like Afim & Charas (Kala Sona). They also discover that all those missing in the village were actually kidnapped by Paupi to work as slaves in his poppy farm.

Paupi Singh has raised his army of hoodlums who act as alert watchdogs guarding the village boundaries, making sure that no new comer, police or law enforcement agencies permeate and tress pass their region. Under this circumstances were Rakesh and Shera able to achieve their goals. Yes, they do but how and at what cost? See the exciting climax in KALA SONA.

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