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Description :
Gowrishankar (Sunil Dutt), becomes eye-witness to the murder of an honest customs officer, Sudarshan Kumar (Mohan Agase) who dared to defy the drug kingpin, Durga Das Jetia (Anupam Kher). Gowrishankar reports the matter to the police but finds himself framed for theft, thrown in jail, while his son and daughter are kidnapped by Durga Das. Gowrishankar finds out that his son's been murdered and vows to take revenge but his daughter Puja is saved by Durga Das's wife who brings her up as her own. Meanwhile, the two young sons, Raja and Ramu of Sudarshan Kumar get separated and lose everything under the attack of Durga Das. Gowrishankar assumes the identity by the name Michael, searching for his daughter and plots to take down Durga Das at any cost. Puja and Ramu cross paths and fall in love with each other while Raja (Sanjay Khan) is on a path to decimate Durga Das. Will the three men unite and annihilate the evil organization of Durga Das?

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