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Description :
Arakalum Bhai (Mammootty) alias Kochu Baby is a man with a mission. Baby is a
dreaded underworld don in Mumbai who returns to his village Panappuzha on getting a letter
from the lover of his late grandfather, Meenakshi (Sheela). The mission: to avenge the death of
his grandfather Peeli (Madhu) at the hands of Eappachan (Innocent). The flashback tells you that
Peeli is murdered by Eappachan. In a confused melee, Eapen accidentally kills his father Itty
(Spadikam George). But Baby's father Kuttappan (Rajan P. Dev) gets blamed for the crime. The
young Baby, who was a witness to the murder, flees the village to escape from Eappachan. Much
water has flowed down the river by the time Baby, now a mafia don from Mumbai, is back in his
village. Eappachan has become a big shot and a wealthy businessman. In the village, Baby runs
into the sexy egg-seller Thankamani (Nayanthara). In no time our hero falls head over heels in
love with Thankamani and ends up marrying her. Of course, before that he saves her from her
relative Kargil Narayanan (Bheeman Raghu), who has an eye on her. Baby beats up Narayanan,
gaining the respect and admiration of the villagers in the process. From then on, the movie unfolds how Baby, assisted by Meenakshi and
Thankamani, turns the tables on Eappachan.

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