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Description :
Din Dayal (Ajit) is a notorious drug smuggler in the garb of a respected socialite. His true identity is hidden from all including his close friend IG PN Khanna (Prem Nath). Witnessing the falling state of law and order, Khanna requests Government to send for honest and fearless cop Prabhakar (Shatrughan Sinha). Prabhakar lands in the city and instantly makes life hell for Din Dayal. The moment Prabhakar discovers about Din Dayal, he is killed leaving. Khanna then comes to know of a dreadful criminal Kalicharan who resembles Prabhakar. Khanna takes it on him to transform Kalicharan into Prabhakar and get going on the drug racket again. Will Kalicharan turned Prabhakar be able to do justice to his new life? Will his past put hurdles on his way?

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