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Description :
Kalpana - Bollywood Movie - 1960. Director : Rakhan Cast : Ashok Kumar, Padmini, Ragini, Iftekhar, Achla Sachdev, Sunder, Nazir, Balam.
Synopsis: A story where Amar Babu (Ashok Kumar) who lives in the city of Mumbai and is a painter. He has come to Kashmir for a holiday with his butler D'Souza. One morning he is sitting out in his garden and making a painting and D'Souza comes with tea. D'Souza sees the painting and tells him that something is missing in the painting and Amar agrees with D'Souza. At that time, D'Souza finds a lady who is praising to the sun showering flowers and tells his sir to draw the image of the lady who is there at the background. Amar draws the image of the lady but she goes missing in between and the next morning again he finds her at the same place praying to the Sun. He goes to her and tells her about his painting and she refuses to let him draw her image. But later he convinces her and they have become close friends and meet up regularly. The next day when he goes to her house he sees the house is locked and leaves for Mumbai. Will Amar be able to find the lady he met and had become friends with?

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