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Kashti tells about the story of a young child, the son of Dev Anand whose mother has died and about his longing for mother's love. Everyday, along with his pet Alsatian, he expectantly waits at the river side for a Ferry which will bring back his mother. One night Geeta Bali is found unconscious near the river side. The villager's bring her to Dev Anand's house. The son thinks it is his mother and is overjoyed. She too loves him as her own son. Dev Anand is concerned about the "guest" who has started living in his house and who has been accepted by his son as his lost mother. Geeta Bali tells her story to Dev. She was raised by a dancing women as her own daughter. When Geeta grows up she is pressurized to become the mistress of a Nawab, She refuses, escapes from a boat and is swept ashore in Dev's village. One day the friend of the Nawab sees Geeta and starts blackmailing Geeta & Dev. Dev gets nervous and decides to throw Geeta out of his house. She pleads with him not to, as she has fallen in love with Dev and his son. But he doesn't relent as he fears the villager's reaction. In the climax when Dev accompanies Geeta on the ferry to take her away from his home & life, his son shouts from ashore to bring "mummy" back. Dev relents and the Alsation dog shoos away the blackmailer, ensuring a happy ending.

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