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Description :
Synopsis-This is a story of poor Madhav who admires a landlord more than anything, but the
landlord himself counterfeits Madhav on every path of his life. But, the moment crime crosses
its limits; Madhav takes the charge of killing the evil spirited landlord.
Madhav is an admirer of a landlord in a village. Preeti, landlord's daughter returns back in the
village after pursuing education from abroad. Preeti could see the innocent heart of the so
called tough man Madhav. She could realize that Madhav is a pure soul and falls in love with
him. Landlord could not bear the fact that Madhav and Preeti have fallen in love. Hence, he
creates a complete drama by saying that Madhav and Priya are in the relation of brother and
sister because Madhav is landlord's son. Priya is then forces to get married to Srikant. Soon, she
gets pregnant and the landlord reveals his true colors to Mashav. He gets shocked after
listening to all this. Madhav, then decides to take the revenge and gain his beloved back.

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