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Super Hit Movie Kanwarlal (1988)

Synopsis : Suraj Prakash is a politician in India representing the Lok Kalyan Party. He would like to address burning issues such as poverty if and when he is voted in power. He exposes a corrupt businessman named Kanwarlal by stopping his trucks carrying illicit goods, but instead loses several party workers when the driver runs over them. Kanwarlal is arrested, but there is no evidence because the file has been misplaced by Junior Public Prosecutor Sandhya. The police file a case against Sandhya, she is arrested and held in prison for a trial. Her bail is posted and she is released. She finds out that it was Kanwarlal who had bailed her out. Then her son gets kidnapped, and it is Kanwarlal who rescues him. She is indebted to Kanwarlal and starts working with him as his attorney. What Kanwarlal does not know is that Sandhya has a questionable past, a past that may well send him to the gallows, if not end of his life.

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