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Description :
Karan (Sanjay Kapoor) and Kajal (Juhi Chawla) are in love and ready to settle down and lead a happy life. But tragedy strikes as Karan's mother has a heart attack and before she dies, Karan discovers that she wasn't his real mother. He is told that his actual mother is an heiress, Gayatri Singh (Aruna Irani) who lives in Sundernagar. Karan sets out for Sundernagar to confront her and on reaching there, comes to know the tragic story of his mother's life. Her stepbrother, Ugranarayan Singh (Amrish Puri) had killed her husband and had her thrown in a mental asylum so that he can inherit all the wealth. Karan must now punish the people responsible for his mother's morbid state. Will Ugranarayan Singh be brought to justice? Can Karan and Kajal's love survive the fury of vengeance?

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