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Description :
Rameshchandra Chaudhry (Jishu Sengupta), is in love with Hemnalini (Raima Sen) but is forced to marry Sushilla, daughter of a widow. He initially refuses but changes his mind when the bride's mother pleads with him, and gets married without even seeing his bride. After the marriage, they board a boat which overturns after a storm, and they end up being the only survivors. Unable to get Hemnalini out of his mind, he refuses to be intimate with his bride. But soon Ramesh comes to know that the bride he has got home is not Sushilla but Kamla - the bride of another man named Nalinaksha. How will Kamla react to this news after traditionally accepting Ramesh as her husband? Will Ramesh and Hemnalini get together with the odds stacked against them?

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