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Kavi Kalidas is one of the most famous poet of all generations. He has inspired many of the upcoming poets. Bharat Bhooshan's classic hindi movie Kavi Kalidas reflects the life cycle of this great poet. Kali (Bharat Bhooshan) belongs to uppercaste, he lives with his step mother, but is naive and illiterate. He is in deep love with Pushpavali. But his mother frowns on this and orders him to leave the house. Kali and Pushpavali decides to leave the village and start a new life. Vidyotma, a princess once hears Pushpavali singing and appoints her as maid in her palace. Vidyotma wants a man very intelligent than her and in some circumstances she marries Kali. But after knowing Kali's illeteracy she starts abusing him. Kali then decides to educate himself and hence starts a revolutionary saga. Watch out the movie to know more about Kavi Kalidas's life.

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