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Description :
Ballu (Sanjay Dutt) is a notorious criminal and Ram (Jackie Shroff) is a diligent police officer. The latter captures Ballu and tries to lure him to spill the beans on his mentor Roshida. But Ballu escapes from jail while Ram was visiting his girlfriend Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) who too is a police officer. Ballu's jail break puts a dent in Ram's reputation as he is accused of neglecting his duty. Ganga decides to salvage the situation for Ram and goes undercover as a village belle. She befriends Ballu and gradually realises that Ballu has a benign side in spite of being notoriously bad. She tries to hone the good side of Ballu. This makes Ballu fall for Ganga only to realise that she is in love with someone else and is also a police officer. Ganga however continues to care for Ballu. Ram meets Ballu's mother for help but finds out instead that Ballu is his childhood friend. Ballu and his mother narrate their plight and Ram and Ganga decide to get Ballu back on track. Will Ram and Ganga succeed? Or will Ballu's fate get sealed with a policeman's bullet?

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