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Description :
Ex-Convict Raju is released from prison and leaves to Mumbai in search of a better life along with his sister Zubeda. He befriends an old man, Mr. Nawab who is the principal of a school and is offered the job of the school bus driver. Raju meets a rich girl, Priya and after several fights they fall in love with each other. Mr. Nawab is in search of his long lost daughter while Zubeda longs for her parents from whom she got separated, not knowing that Mr. Nawab is her father. Soon, Raju's life takes a violent turn when his criminal past catches up to haunt everyone. Rana, a death row prisoner escapes jail and swears revenge on Raju who was the reason for Rana's arrest. Rana spins a web of deceit by assuming the identity of Anil who is the groom selected for Priya by her father Pannalal. Will Mr. Nawab and Zubeda unite as a family? What devious plan Rana holds to destroy Raju? Can Raju vanquish his demons or will he be entangled in the web of lies?

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