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Description :
An evil tantrik, Baba Siddhinath achieves immense powers and has risen supreme in the world of black magic. Meanwhile, a small village has come under the autocratic rule of the Thakur, who is forcing the villagers to give up their land. An innocent girl named Tulsi comes under the attack of Thakur's men and her mother is killed and her father is held captive. Tulsi escapes and takes shelter in the jungle where she is protected by a priest. The priest teaches her black magic and guides her to use it for good. Years later, Tulsi returns to her village and vows to put an end to the Thakur. She overpowers Thakur and his men and saves the village from their atrocities. But the Thakur goes to Baba Siddhinath to put an end to Tulsi who tells that when Tulsi gets married, all her magic powers will cease and then she can be killed. Tulsi gets married to the nephew of the Thakur's accountant and they both are murdered on their wedding night. Tulsi comes back from her grave to take revenge and starts to kill Thakur's men one by one. Can Tulsi annihilate everyone responsible for her death or will Baba Siddhinath put an end to her?

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