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Description :
The nation comes under terror attacks with a series of bomb blasts destabilizing peace. The Commissioner of Police (Murad) receives an anonymous call from an informant who has information on the terrorist behind the attacks.The informant, Mr. Gonz is owner of a musical store and has stored names and images of terror mastermind in a microdot. The dangerous villain 'Scorpion' gets to know that informant is about to give information to police. He sends goons to recover the microdot. As the goons threatens the informant the hero Vicky (Biswajeet) enters the store to get his guitar. The informant slips the microdot into Vicky's guitar and the goons follow Vicky to retrive the microdot and they kill Mr. Gonz. They try to take the guitar but Vicky escapes and boards a train where he meets a runaway named Roma (Babita). Vicky and Roma dodge the goons on the train and come across an inventor, Jani Bhai who helps them. Vicky and Roma fall in love with each other but Scorpion comes to known of their presence in a hotel and sends his double agent Julie to neutralize Vicky. Julie manages to create a rift between Vicky and Roma and is one step close to retrieving the microdot. Who is the illusive terror mastermind Scorpion? Can Vicky bring Scorpions reign of terror to an end?

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