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Description :
Rajeshwari (Waheeda Rehman) is an orphan whose bereaved life changes when she marries a rich man named Amit Kumar Singh (Biswajeet). Amit brings Rajeshwari to his home, a huge palatial mansion located in a quite and secluded place. Soon Rajeshwari learns from the servants about Amit's first wife Poonam who died mysteriously about a year ago. The housekeeper Dai Maa (Lalita Pawar) who was also the care taker of Poonam is visibly disturbed by this and is cold towards Rajeshwari. Amit leaves on a business trip for few weeks and Rajeshwari is left to herself. This is when she encounters supernatural phenomena in the mansion and is haunted by the memories and spirit of Poonam. She experiences Poonam's presence in the palace, especially in her bedroom, where she finds the rocking chair moves by itself, the bed is warm as though somebody had slept in it, the windows open up on their own, and she hears a strange voice singing. A shocked Rajeshwari decides to probe the matter but things take a fateful turn when the Police find Poonam's skeletal remains in a car at the bottom of a muddied lake. Can Rajeshwari break free of Poonam's presence? What terrible secrets lie buried in the mansion and the hearts of the people in it?

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