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Description :
Police Inspector Bharat Pratap Sharma (Shatrughan Sinha) lives a honest life along with his brother in a small town. When his brother marries a young girl, Saraswati, Bharat object the marriage and disowns his brother. Later, Bharat becomes the Deputy Superintendent of Police and is assigned to take charge of a Police Station of a town which is being ruled by a criminal don named Dharam Kohli (Utpal Dutt). Dharam Kohli is a dangerous man who is in line to to be a member of the Legislative Assembly. Bharat joins duty and takes immediate action to arrest Dharam and also suspends bad cop, Inspector Thakur (Manmohan). But all of Bharat's attempts to curb Dharam go in vain and he decides to go under cover and expose Dharam. He partners up with John Fernandes (David Abraham) and Prabha (Aparna Sen) to gather evidence to arrest Dharam. Soon Bharat falls in love with Prabha and they get married. Things take a unfortunate turn when a goon named Mahesh (Sudhir) secretly starts to blackmail Prabha for the collected evidence. What secret is Prabha hiding from the world? Will Bharat succeed in his mission to vanquish Dharam?

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