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Description :
Watch Bollywood Movie Kranti - The Power of Unity. Director : Jayaraaj, Cast : Mangala, Padmakumar, Sarvana, Sunil Kumar, Vincent Ashok.
Synopsis: This film opens with three of the four protagonists Sebastian, Shafeeq and Iyer getting out of jail after serving three years for the crimes committed in the first part of the trilogy. The fourth one played by Bharath is supposedly killed by the police in their earlier encounter. This time, each of the close members associated with them urge the trio, to play safe by evading the violent methods that they had taken earlier.
They continue with their studies, but can't keep quiet for long from fighting the necessary evils that they find everyday, around their society. Finally they reinvent themselves, by killing the state minister who sold much of the state to international mafia.
Now termed 'Of The People', they venture into the jungle area and model themselves on their hero the legendary Che Guevara. They set up an interactive website, taking complaints from common folks and exterminating the criminals wearing the Guevara type dress code. The chief minister of the state, under huge political pressures, appoints an officer Harishankar, to grab the trio but in a short time realizes that the common man is always on the side of 'the gang'. He being the righteous guy, changes side, operating as a person from the force for 'of the People', who let them know about the possible evil doers inside the government machinery and the initiatives of the government to capture them.

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