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Watch Bollywood Devotional Movie - Krishna Bhakta Sudama. Starring: Biswajeet, Bharat Bhushan, Anjana Mumtaz. Director: Shyam Sahni. Synopsis: Krishna and Sudama are childhood friends studying together in the same ashram and become the closest of friends. Sudama is poor and is a great devotee of Krishna. Eventually, year's later Krishna becomes the King of Dwarka transforming his kingdom into one of the richest and beautiful places. Sudama lives in a poor lifestyle in a small village, married to a poor but noble wife and has seven children. Sudama's life is plagued by poverty and with no food his children face starvation. His wife reminds him of Krishna and tells him to go to Dwarka to ask for help. Sudama is reluctant to ask for money or food from Krishna as he does not want to spoil their loving friendship. But desperate conditions make him leave in search of Krishna. Will Sudama be rid of his tragic state? How will the Lords grace embrace Sudama?

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