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Description :
Gopal is a bright and hard working student living with his older brother, Harishankar. Harishankar is a devout follower of Lord Krishna and is highly respected for his honest and good nature. Gopal falls in love with fellow collegian, Radha and their marriage is fixed but on a condition by Radha's mother that Gopal gets a government job. The town's wealthy and powerful Landlord Gajral's son Abhay starts brewing trouble in Gopal and Radha's life. Abhay sabotages Gopal's Interview letters and sets a trap to marry Radha. With no job, Gopal loses Radha; gets into a fight with his brother Harishankar and leaves home. Gopal loses his faith in God and to earn money the easy way he joins hands with notorious smuggler Chaturlal. Can Gopal get back to the righteous path? Will he triumph in his love? Will Abhay succeed in his devious plan?

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