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Description :
Nabin Dutta (Subhendu Chatterjee) is a dentist by profession but is heavily mired by illusion due to circumstances. He is so pathologically upset that he starts imagining he has some sort of crippling disease. His delusions result in his wife refusing to get physical with him. Consequently, Nabin starts doubting his wife of having an affair with a man from her past. His equations with his teenage son is also very strained leading his son to reject him. When his life has hit rock bottom, he is baffled to see the enjoyable life of his driver Dinu who is living happily with his two wives. Nabin tries to figure out Dinu's secret to happiness. In the midst of all this, Nabin keeps imagining about a young boy who can open a red door. He starts remembering his happy childhood days. Later he realises the door is he himself as he is the only one who can open it. Will Nabin get over his insecurities and find happiness in himself or will his delusions collapse his world forever?

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