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Hindi Movie Laat Saab (1992)
Synopsis: LAAT SAAB is a griping suspense drama about the reappearance of a girl who is declared dead. Vijay (Jackie Shroff), nicknamed Laat Saab by his father, Rai Saheb Ajay Kumar (Saeed Jaffrey). Vijay meets Anju (Neelam), in a hotel in Simla and it s love at first sight. They fall in love with each other during their stay, but Anju suddenly disappears leaving behind an address for Vijay to follow.

When Vijay reaches the address in Bombay, he meets Anju's aging father who informs him that Anju was no-more, that she had died three years back. Vijay is shocked with the news, but the very next day he sees Anju again, dressed in white following a funeral. Vijay follows her only , but Anju disappears in the dark. Vijay is baffled by this incident and tries to see the face of every girl he passes in the hope of seeing Anju again. However this goes too far when he mistakes a girl for Anju and is beaten up by people who take him for an eve teaser.

Inspector Jayant Mathur (Mohsin Khan) arrives on the scene rescues Vijay from the aggrieved people. Jayant, in a bid to clarify things, takes Vijay to Dinanath s place. Dinanath produces Anju s death certificate and a newspaper clipping, confirming Anju s death.

Vijay is about to digest Anju's death and he chances upon an ad of a dance show in a newspaper and the face that goes with the ad. It is again the face of Anju, but she is now presented as Mona a professional dancer who hails from Goa. So who is that girl Anju or Mona, Vijay is totally baffled and so would be you, till you solve the mystery along with LAAT SAAB.

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