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Description :
Local goon Captain Dada (Akshaye Khanna) works for the notorious underworld don,Karla (Govind Namdeo), terrorizing the streets with his rogue ways. But his life changes when he meets Advocate Anand Saxena (Jackie Shroff) and his wife, Kavita (Dimple Kapadia) and their young son. He is touched by their honesty and starts reforming himself. He falls in love with Anshu Mehra (Manisha Koirala), and introduces himself as Vijay, hiding his criminal past. But when Anshu comes to know the truth about Vijay being Captain Dada, she is left heart broken. Captain Dada manages to convince Anshu that he is a changed person and she gets him to promise to give up all criminal activity. Don Kalra, however, does not see it his way, and asks his men to kill Captain at any cost. Kalra also wants his son, Raj, to marry Anshu. Meanwhile, Anshu's Uncle, Police Commissioner Mehra sets out to capture and eliminate Captain, and write off his death as a police encounter. Can Captain escape the massive manhunt put up the Underworld and the Cops? Will he survive the fatal odds and unite with Anshu?

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