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Description :
Banalata (Kiron Kher) is a lonely woman who becomes just another victim of a supposed curse on the family. No male member of the family lives for long. Banalata's would-be husband died a night before the marriage due to snake bite. Since then Banalata lives a life of a recluse as she is yet to get over the tragedy. Things take a turn when Banalata agrees to let a film crew shoot a portion of a film in a section of her family home. Being a loner, Banalata unwillingly gets drawn to the much married director of the film Deepankar (Chiranjit Chakraborty) knowing very well that the lead actress Sudeshna (Rupa Ganguly) is already all over him. Deepankar too reciprocates towards Banalata. But when the shooting ends and everyone leaves, Banalata is again plunged into deep loneliness aggravated by her feelings for Deepankar. The latter however doesn't bother to keep any contact with her. Will Banalata be able to remove loneliness from her life or will she continue to be just a cursed forlorn woman?

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