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Description :
While being chased by the British in Hong Kong, Indian Army Officer, Shamsher Singh (Vinod Khanna), takes refuge in a house of a young woman named Suzy (Helen). They develop attraction for each other and few months later when its time for Shamsher to leave for India, Suzy reveals news of her pregnancy. Reluctant to go back, Suzy urges Shamsher to go and help India in the war front. Back in India it turns out Shamsher is married to Ladjo (Indrani Mukherjee) with whom he already has a child named Raj. Meanwhile, one of Shamsher's men Shankar (Ranjeet) betrays them to the British government which results in Shamsher being killed off. Shankar also robs the bank gold along with his partner Mac (Mac Mohan). But Mac betrays him by hiding the looted gold at the bottom of a lake in a car, before handing himself over to the police. Raj grows up to be a police Inspector, determined to avenge his father's death. Shankar going by the alias Devi Dayal tortures Mac for the location of the gold and he hires a foreign diver from China called Suraj (Danny Denzongpa) to recover the gold from the bottom of the lake. Suraj turns out to be Shamsher Singh's long forgotten son he had with Suzy. Suraj is in find of his father along with his mother Suzy in India. Will Suraj & Raj realize they're brothers? Will they unite to fight against the wicked Devi Dayal who has become a master of masquerade to evade all?

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