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Description :
Watch Bollywood Movie Loafer. Director : Sreenu Vytla, Cast : Ravi Teja, Nayan Tara, Siyaji Shinde.
Synopsis: Chinnabhai is a gangster and Munna is his right arm. They spread terror all over the city. Surprisingly, Munna is with the police but is hand in glove with Chinnabahi. Munna is in love with Madhumati, a beautiful girl who stays alone with her father. Madhumati hates Munna. Madhumati is in love with Cinnu, a youth who is new to the city. Cinnu is brave and honest but Madhumati is unable to open her heart to him due to Munna and his threats. Cinnu learns that some honest police officers are trying to imprison Chinnabhai. Cinnu lends them his complete support. How Cinnu helps, the police destroy Chinnabhai and Munna and how Madhumati gathers enough courage to express her love forms the crux of the story.

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