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Watch Bollywood Mythology Film Lok Parlok. Producer : Imran Qureshi, Director : Sagar, Cast :Krishna, Soundarya, Preme, Mahesh Anand, Kota Srinivasrao.
Synopsis: Lok Parlok speaks about how Heaven and Earth co-exist. The story proceeds with people in heaven predicting that a good-doer will be born on earth to end the evil. Thus Jagdev Veer (Krishna) is born to to a royal couple as the luckiest child. But destiny has other plans. A servant shoots the king; the queen escapes but gets separated from Veer.
25 years pass; the young Jagdev Veer is now the saviour of and a boon to the common masses. He cannot see the underprivileged suffer. Soundarya (Soundarya), the angel from heaven comes to earth to convey to Veer about his mission of ending the evil. She also claims that they are made for each other.
Once, Veer saves an old lady and soon realises that she is her mother, the queen. Together they comprehend that Rai Bahadur, now the owner of the palace is the same servant who had killed the king. The mission of Veer is to end the evil, both in heaven and on earth. Watch this movie to find out if he will succeed.

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