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Love Express is a romantic comedy tracing the journey of two parallel love stories in a train full of 'Baraatis' from Amritsar to Mumbai. Ashneet (Mannat Ravi), a young girl from Amritsar, Punjab, and Kanav (Sahil Mehta), a boy from London, are engaged to be married by their fathers, who are fast friends. The duo's parents and Ashneet's aged grandfather (Om Puri) are very happy with the union. The entire marriage party is traveling by train from Amritsar to Mumbai, where the young couple's wedding is scheduled. During the journey, Kanav reveals to Ashneet that he is being forced into the marriage and Ashneet confesses her love for a singer named Kuljeet (Siddhartha Chaudhary) back in Amritsar. Realizing that they both don't want the marriage, they plot to sabotage it. Hilarious chaos results when the duo decide to make their incompatibility known to their respective parents. Can the duo be successful in breaking off the marriage or will their plan spiral out of control and backfire?

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