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Description :
Sunil Kumar (Dev Anand) is a star cricket player in his city of Jhansi and lives with his brother's family. Sunil's sister in Law, Uma and her little son have deep affection for him and keep up that Sunil is the reason for their happy family. Soon, Sunil leaves for Bombay to attend a job interview and there he rents a room to stay. The landlord's daughter Geeta (Mala Sinha) initially dislike Sunil but after watching him play cricket, she falls in love with him. They soon get married and go back to Jhansi to live with Sunil's family. But their harmonious life undergoes problem when Sunil's behavior becomes wayward and everyone starts hating him. What reasons are leading to friction between Sunil and Geeta? Why has Sunil become everyone's object of dislike? What secret is Sunil hiding from the world?

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