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Description :
Maa Ka Chamatkar - Bollywood Action Movie. Producer : F C Mehra, Pavesh Mehra, Director : Nagendra Magudi Cast : Jayapradha, Prema, Charan Raj, Tej Sapru, Soundarya. Music Director : Anu Malik.
Synopsis: Shanti came from a wealthy family where she lived her parents and several of her cousins and their respective wives. One day on her pilgrimage she meets a writer Ramesh and they fall in love with each other and get married after which Ramesh moves in to live with them. The are living a harmonious life and then Shanti soon gave birth to twin sons, Joginath and Eknath. Ramesh then turns into an alcoholic in a big way and asks Shanti to leave after he sees her in their bathroom with a male. . Shanti takes the two children and goes to live with Jogan Maa Parvati near Devi Maa Ambe's Mandir. Years pass by, Eknath and Joginath grow up, are devotees of Devi Maa Ambe, recite scriptures, and act as tourist guides. When someone asks them about their father, they question their mother, but she refuses to tell them anything. Then Shanti finds out that her husband is dead, and dons the colorless garb of a widow. When her sons find out, they persuade her to live like a Suhagan - as they find out that Devi Maa Renuka had also lived as both. Watch what impact this has on Shanti, and how Renukaji was both a Widhwa and Suhagan at the same time.

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