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'Maachis' is a true story inspired by the 1984 Sikh riots after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India. The police started assaulting innocent Sikh families which led to many youths joining extremist groups to revolt against an oppressive regime. Kripal (Chandrachur Singh) lives peacefully with his best friend Jaswant (Raj Zutshi) and is in love with Jaswants's sister, Veeran (Tabu). Their peaceful life is disrupted when the police wrongfully arrest Jaswant and subject him to third degree torture. After several days, Jaswant returns but seeing his friend in a horrible and dreaded state, Kripal vows to take revenge against the police. Kripal joins an extremist group headed by a commander (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) which includes Sanatan (Om Puri) and Jaimal (Jimmy Shergill) who all are aching to burn down the government. How will innocent Kripal who has transformed into a dreaded terrorist go on to seek vengeance?

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