Maashuka - Full Length Hindi Movie - Moon Moon Sen & Amjad Khan

Description :
Watch Bollywood Movie - Maashuka. Starring: Kunal, Moon Moon Sen, Arun Govil, Amjad Khan. Director: Arati Bhattacharya.
Synopsis: Arun verma is a forest ranger newly assigned to take care of the forest under the control of a dangerous smuggler, Jaspal Sing. The tribal people are subjected to atrocities of Jaspal Sing and his gang but being poor are unable to help themselves. A young man, Inderjeet acts as the savior of the tribals and soon befriends Arun in order to fight Jaspal Sing. The Deputy Forest officer Mr. Dutta is in mix with Jaspal helping him in illegal activities. As the tribal people along with Arun and Inderjeet rise up against the two tyrants, the war between good and evil takes full form. But Inderjeet's heart wrenching past surfaces to haunt him when he finds out that Mr. Dutta's wife is none other than his long lost love Summeta.

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