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Description :
Hariya (Shatrughan Sinha) is an orphan, having no knowldge of his parents and lives a solitary life. He is dear friends with Balraj (Raj Babbar), nephew of the village Landlord, Balram Singh (Amjad Khan). Balram Sing is a tyrant who opresses the villager's and Hariya gets into a confrontation with Thakur's goons. He ends up mortally wonded and soon learns that his father was a farmer who got murdered by Balram in a land dispute. Hariya vows to take revenge and get back the land from Balram. To stop Hariya, Balram transfers the land in Balraj's name, plotting to create misunderstandings between the good friends. Soon a war erupts between Hariya and Balraj which Balram fuels with his devious plans. How will Hariya exact revenge on Balram and free the village from his tyranny? How will fate orchestrate the violent tale of best friends turned sworn enemies?

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