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Description :
After a criminal friend uses him as a pawn in a gold smuggling scheme, honest and hardworking Anand (Jeetendra) bravely reports the crime, thus foiling the criminal plan. His bravery attracts the attention of Sunita (Sulakshana Pandit), the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, Sohanlal. The two fall in love, but Sohanlal disapproves their alliance as Anand is a poor truck driver. Sunita chooses Anand over her father and this causes Sohanlal to suffer a heart attack. Gupta (Madan Puri) the legal advisor of Sohanlal takes full advantage of this situation to usurp Sohanlal's wealth. He along with an ex-convict, Raj (Ranjeet), sends Sohanlal to America for medical treatment, while on the other hand, he plans the killing of Sunita. Anand and Sunita must overcome the objections of Sunita's father, as well as the dangerous machinations of the devious Gupta and his thuggish henchman, Raj.

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