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Description :
Madhubaala - Bollywood Movie - 2006. Star Cast: Manoj Chhadva, Jimmy Gada, Ricky Gada, Prakash Tiwari, Surendra Mishra, Sunil Sharma, Satyavan Parekh, Naresh Mahnot, Champalal Jain, Shabbir Hussain, Sanjay Singh, Pavan Sharma, Shabbir Shaikh, Ishan, Producer: Shivram Yadav, Director: Shivram Yadav.
Synopsis : Madhubaala is a movie about Mahila Mukti Sanghatan. Madhubaala (Kanishka) calls up the the Mahila Mukti Sanghatan activist. She plans to commit a suicide, but has been stopped from doing so, and she reveals her reason for committing a suicide. She says that she had come to Mumbai to become an actress. And she has a guy named Malhar (Gurpreet Singh), who has always stood by her side to become a successful actress. To know more watch this movie!

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