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Description :
Sneha plays role of Gayathri who reaches Rameshwaram from Chennai to do a research work on sea corals. She comes across a gangster Chinna played by Arjun.Gayathri comes to know that he is said to be a schizophrenic. Gayathri develops sympathy on him and slowly develops an affair with him. Meanwhile coming to know of her love with the gangster her parents persuade her to give him up and return home. Chinna at the same time lands up in prison for a murder which he commits to save Gayathri from trouble. Gayathri is forced to marry a engineer.Chinna is let free from prison after Gayathri marriage. He comes to Ooty only with a sole aim of getting Sneha back in his life. The rest is his desperate attempts to get her back not even hesitating to commit a few murders for accomplishing his mission.

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