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Description :
Mahabali - Bollywood Movie - 2007. Producer : Pradeep Kumar, Director : Soorya Prakash Cast : Sarath Kumar, Kiran Rathod, Sharmilee.
Synopsis: A tale of emotions and relationships, 'Mahabali', is the story of good-hearted Rajinder (Sarath Kumar) who believes in helping people in whatever way he can. He wants to marry Geeta (Kiran) but is humiliated for being poor. To prove his love he vows to become a multi-millionaire in a year. But his call of duty towards a stranger, Aishwarya (Sharmilee), makes him ignore Geeta. He promises Aishwarya to make her meet her love, Raj. Watch out for this interesting social drama where goodness triumphs over the evil.

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