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Description :
Raghavan(Sarathkumar), an orphan who works as the chef at a small eatery. He falls for
Geetha(Kiran) and when her father insults him and makes fun of his poverty, he challenges him that
he would become a millionaire in a year. Meanwhile, he becomes a guardian to Lakshmi(Sharmilee),
who had eloped with her boyfriend but was abandoned by him. Raghavan decides to take her back to
her brothers but learns on the way, that he is in fact the grandson of Duraisingham(Sarathkumar
again). Duraisingham, the godfather of the entire village, had been sent to jail after taking revenge on
Kandhavelu(JPR), who had destroyed his family.The rest of the story depicts how Raghavan too
assumes the mantle of his grandfather and also eventually marries Geetha by becoming a millionaire.

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