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Watch Hindi Action Movie - Mai Khunkhar Yodha. Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Meena, Bhanu Priya.
Synopsis: Sarkar (Vishnuvardhan) is a powerful authority of a village whose unbiased judgment is the final order for all the villagers. Hailed as the Lord of justice by the people, Sarkar's say is final and held true and one wrong decision is equal to his death. A day turns out when Sarkar's own brother is blamed of raping a girl. Framed by the enemies, Sarkar's brother has all the odds stacked against him. Looking at the proofs, Sarkar is forced to take the decision of debarring his pure hearted brother. Later, he comes to know that his brother is innocent and that he issued a wrong judgement. Can Sarkar live with the guilt of delivering the wrong judgment? Will his enemies be successful in destroying him?

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