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Notorious jewel thief Hira (Raza Murad) is left furious after his son Anil (Suresh Oberoi) decides to leave a clean life and marry his love, Geeta (Rita Bhaduri). Geeta's brother, Inspector Chowdhury (Dharmendra) objects to the marriage and disowns his sister. Faced with poverty, Anil goes on one last mission to steal for his family but is shot dead. Meanwhile, Geeta gives birth to a son and leaves him in Chowdhury's custody. Hira plots to get his grandchild and turn him into a notorious thief but Chowdhury's stands in his way and foils his plan. Years later, the boy grows up to be a dancer named Tony (Mithun Chakraborty) and falls in love with Police Commissioner's daughter Natasha (Meenakshi Sheshadri). But with the police and Hira hot on his tail, how will Tony fight the odds stacked against him and unite with Natasha.

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