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Description :
Leena (Leena Chandavarkar) is a rich brat, raised by her aunt and uncle. Her late father's will stipulates that she has to marry to inherit all his wealth. Leena is determined to find her own husband. To that end, she and her best friend Pushpa (Nazima) put an advertisement for a wealthy groom in the newspaper. One reply comes across Leena as distinctly sarcastic and she Leena responds in kind. After exchanging several letters she decides to go meet the mysterious man. She tells her aunt and uncle that she's going to marry a boy whom she knew in college and goes to Dehradun. But on arrival she finds a creepy old man to be her suitor and in a quest to evade him, she bumps into a porter, Sushil (Sanjeev Kumar). Sushil helps her get rid of the unwelcome suitor and she confides her problem to him. He suggests that she pay someone to marry her, and when she's in possession of her property, she can divorce him. Leena asks Sushil to take the job of the hired husband and they both get married. What could go wrong?

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