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Description :
Dev Shastri (Sanjay Kumar) is a genius nuclear scientist who has been selected by the defense ministry to undergo further training in IIT Powai. He gets involved in a project to stop film piracy but this put him in direct conflict with the underworld mafias in film piracy. Dawoodia Pathan (Ram Sujan Singh ) is the one of the biggest Don of Underworld who has invested millions in the film industry. His lieutenant Chota khatri leaves him and dares to set up his own gang and goes into film piracy business which leads to a big Gang war in which Dev's gets involved and loses his entire family. Dev undergoes severe depression and sets on a path of vengeance along with his friend Pooja (Kradhikka), to decimate the people responsible for his families death. Can Dev recover from the horrific events in his life and exact revenge? Will he succeed in the anti piracy project?

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