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Watch Bollywood Romantic Movie - Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath. Starring: Ashok Kumar, Nanda and Shashi Kapoor. Director: Suraj Prakash. Synopsis: Deepak works as a surgeon in Sarvodaya Hospital in Bombay. On the occasion of his sister Sheela's marriage, he returns home, and meets Sheela's friend, Rajni and falls in love with her. Soon Rajni also develops feeling for Deepak and they both decide to get married. Rajni goes to get her mother's consent but when she reaches home, she discovers that she is an illegitimate child and was born out of wedlock. Heart broken Rajni comes back to Bombay, determined that she will not tarnish the good name of Deepak by allowing him to get married to a nameless girl, a social outcast. She makes Deepak believe that her love was just a pose and that Deepak has just been a pleasant pass time. Deepak is shattered by Rajni's behavior and undergoes depression which leads to committing blunders in work to the extent that the Medical Board threatens to take away his Degree. But Deepak, disgusted of life and his own self, goes away to meet death half way, to a place where Plague is taking toll on life and where the Doctors are refusing to go. Will Deepak and Rajni's love win all odds? Can Deepak survive the tragic fate plaguing his life?

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