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Description :
Watch Bollywood Movie Mera Dost Ghatotchkach - The Real Hero. Director : S. P. Krishna Reddy, Cast : Nagarjuna, Ali, Roja, Rituparna, Kota Srinivas Rao & Tinu Anand.
Synopsis: Mera Dost Ghatotkach' is a mythological fantasy movie that speaks about a small girl, Baby. She lives with her parents and a loyal servant whom she calls Kaka. Kaka is very protective of Baby and even tastes all the food before giving it to her. On Baby's birthday somebody poisons her cake. Unfortunately, the blame comes on kaka whereas the real culprit is the baby's uncle, her mother's brother, who is after the property. Later he kills Baby's parents by planting a bomb in their car. Baby is saved by her Kaka, but the enemies soon kill him as well. Now, Baby is on the run and is saved by Ghatotkach. While on the run she also meets Nagarjuna, a robot developed by a scientist (Tinu Anand). Baby becomes good friends with Nagarjuna as well as Ghatotkach and has some great adventure with her two friends.

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