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Description :
Mera Faisla - Bollywood Action Movie. Producer : P. R. Jayanth, Director : Sarath Cast : Balakrishna, Ramyakrishna.
Synopsis: Raja is the proud and lucky son of his wealthy father Chakramani. Radha is a poor girl who sells junk food on street. Chakramani makes his friend a partner in his business. But his friend keeps a bad eye on Chakramani's property. Along with his son, he plans to kill Chakramani and capture the whole property. Every now and then, his plan fails because Raja always stands by his father to protect him. In the meanwhile, Raja and Radha falls in love. The war between Raja and Madhusudan continues. He also goes against his father to fight for humanity and poor factory workers. Watch out the movie to know how Raja takes the revenge.

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