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Description :
Lawyer Rakesh Singh (Sunil Dutt) is devastated when his wife, Geeta (Sadhana), passes away after a brief illness. The magnitude of Rakesh's personal tragedy staggers him and he enters a state of utter despair. Meanwhile, Inspector Daljit and his police unit raid a Dacoit gang and arrest a girl named Sunaina (Sadhana in double role). Inspector Daljit informs Rakesh that the arrested girl claims herself to be Geeta, the deceased wife of Rakesh. Even though the arrested girl look like Geeta, Rakesh does not believe her to be his wife as he had cremated her with his own hands. But the accused woman takes matter to the court to prove herself as Rakesh's wife. As a powerful court room drama ensues, will the true identity of the woman be proved?

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