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Mere Bhaiya is a Bollywood Movie by Rajshri Productions. It is the story about "Companionship". On one hand there is a conflict between the Father and Son while on the other hand an unconditional support from a Sister to her Brother. Father Pandit Devdhar Sharma, a reputed lawyer of the town holds orthodox views about culture and manners. He did not want his son Subhash to be friendly with Ranga who because of his conduct and business had earned lot of notoriety. But Subhash was sentimental. He was a poet and a thinker and he wanted to judge good and bad by his own experience as he refused to be guided by what others said. Suffocated by his father's insistence on strict discipline and family traditions, he found pleasure only in the company of Ranga. Torn between the attentions and regard for brother and father was Lakshmi. After their mother's death it was Lakshmi who had to look after her brother and save him from all hardship. To save her brother sometimes she had to hide the truth from his own father. And one day, just when newly married Lakshmi was leaving for her husband's home, she was forced to give her necklace which was part of her dowry, to a Pathan to pay off Subhash's debts. Whenever her husband referred to the necklace Lakshmi got worried. But how long could the hide the truth. When the truth was known Lakshmi was forced to return to her father's home.What happened then? What did Subhash do to bring back happiness to his beloved sister? See it in this story of a brother and sister's deep love for each other, the story of their hopes and frustrations, their happiness and suffering. Their story is the story of today, the story of today's living characters reflecting today's society.

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