Meri Aan - Man Of Network - Full Movies

Description :
Kaveri (Laila), a television employee, confronts corrupt and devious police inspector, Shankar but finds herself in danger. Her friend Uday Shinde (Vikram), a police cadet intervenes and saves her from Shankar. Humiliated, wounded and angered by Uday`s interference, Shankar asks the police department to conduct a manhunt for all young men named Uday, but in vain. He, finally, comes across Uday and has him severely beaten at the police station and left to die on a railway track. Uday survives, but finds himself on the police departments wanted list for killing Deshmukh, a prominent politician. Meanwhile, Shankar has convinced the police commissioner to issue shoot-at-sight orders for Uday. Can Uday survive the odds stacked against him and decimate Shankar before it's too late?

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